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"You know, one good thing about the Blight is how it brings people together."
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INTRODUCTION [Jan 18th, 14
6:01 pm
Welcome to the NPC journal for [info]greywardens! This journal is exclusive to members of the community and can be used to post in [info]thedas from the perspective of important and recurring non-playable characters. Please note that this does not include major NPCs that are mod-controlled; those found here are still only allowed to be portrayed by the moderators, unless permission is requested for their use in scenes, narratives, or threads.

However, all accepted members can contribute the NPCs that affect their characters to this journal. Members are allowed to upload icons (please label them appropriately with character name, number if multiples, and credit the source) of their important NPCs. It is also requested that, if these characters are important, the following form be filled out and posted in a new entry in this journal, so they can be incorporated into a directory for NPCs. All entries should be BACKDATED (this is done by clicking on the "Edit" link next to Date; please check the Date Out of Order box). The mods will update the directory as necessary.

NAME: The full name of the NPC, including title.
AGE/BIRTHDATE: Self-explanatory. Current year is 9:45.
RACE/CLASS: Human/elf/dwarf/etc. and class, if applicable.
SPECIALIZATION: If applicable.
OCCUPATION: Self-explanatory.

BIOGRAPHY: A paragraph that sums up the character's life and role, personality descriptors optional.

PLAYED-BY: Optional, but if there is a particular face you have in mind, please tell us who it is here. If possible, include an icon with the entry in the image tag.


DIRECTORY [Jan 18th, 13
8:56 pm


4:58 pm
NAME: Allan Maivia
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 37; 9:08 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Human Warrior
OCCUPATION: Grey Warden Second-in-Command

BIOGRAPHY: Allan Maivia was a boy when he and his pregnant mother were smuggled on board ship from Rivain, headed southwest to the Free Marches. However, the ship was attacked by pirates en route, which resulted in their capture. His mother died in childbirth, leaving Allan and his newborn brother, Aedan, to the mercy of the pirates. They were let off in Val Royeaux, dumped in front of the Chantry. Unwilling to convert, Allan left the orphanage, taking up work with a blacksmith, until he was old enough to adopt his brother. Aedan was eleven when he committed a crime that forced them to flee the city. Unable to afford passage on a ship, the Maivias began a long trip by land through Orlais and the Dales, and would have died in the Frostbacks were it not for the charity of a passing Avvar tribe. The brothers eventually descended into Ferelden and were caught up in the civil war in the Bannorn as the Blight spread. Though Aedan wasn't allowed to join the army marching to Denerim, Allan fought bravely to clear the city of darkspawn. He settled in the Dragon's Peak bannorn and was serving as sergeant-at-arms when the new Warden-Commander came for recruits. Allan was asked to join, but refused to leave his brother behind. Both traveled to Amaranthine, though it would be some time before Aedan would also go through the Joining. Allan is now second-in-command to Alistair.

Taciturn and somewhat gruff in his demeanor, it's clear that Allan is a man to be taken seriously. Though not impolite, Allan does not waste time on small talk, and is not nearly as affable as his commander. Nevertheless, he is a very capable leader, being observant, intuitive and open-minded. What he lacks in formal education, he makes up for in pragmatism, determination and experience. In spite of his aloofness, Allan does not like to take risks with others' lives and can be surprisingly sympathetic, but he will do what is necessary to protect the order's goals without hesitation or second-guessing himself.

PLAYED-BY: Dwayne Johnson

11:53 pm
NAME: Mona Seward
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 39; 9:06 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Human Mage

BIOGRAPHY: Mona Seward was born to a human carpenter and an elf house maid in Highever in 9:06; she was six years old when she was taken by the Chantry to live in the Circle Tower. A promising student, Mona went through her Harrowing at the age of nineteen and was instructing her first classes in Primal magic by the age of twenty-two. Enchanter Seward was among the seven magi called upon by King Cailan to stand against the darkspawn at Ostagar; she survived the battle, but just barely, and did not manage to return to the Circle Tower until after the insurgency had passed. She was there to help seal the tear in the Veil and begin to clean up Kinloch Hold, but would soon be called forth to join the forces at Denerim. Proving herself a valuable fighter, Mona was inducted into the ranks of the Grey Wardens shortly after Vigil's Keep was completed. Her travels as a Warden eventually led her to learning the ways of the Arcane Warrior. She is currently one of the Warden-Commander's most trusted lieutenants within the order at Amaranthine, and third in line for leadership should Alistair fall.

Often considered the brains behind the operations at Vigil's Keep, Mona is a brilliant tactician and the most educated of the Grey Warden leaders; she has a good working relationship with Teryn Fergus Cousland, the general of the Queen's army. Though polite, amicable and approachable, she still possesses the demeanor of an instructor and maintains an emotional distance between herself and the junior Wardens. Mona is conscientious, but calculating, and not unwilling to make sacrifices for the benefit of the greater good.

PLAYED-BY: Rachel Weisz

12:56 pm
NAME: Aedan Maivia
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 29; 9:16 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Human Rogue

BIOGRAPHY: Aedan Maivia has no home country to speak of -- he was a newborn in his older brother's arms when they were let off the pirate ship he was birthed on, in Val Royeaux. Though he spent the earliest years of his life under the care of priests who worked at the orphanage, if Allan hadn't adopted him out of their hands, Aedan's troublesome behavior may have gotten himself kicked out eventually. At age eleven, he stole from a local chevalier, forcing the brothers to flee the city by foot. When they finally reached Ferelden, Aedan was left behind while Allan marched off to fight against the darkspawn in Denerim, deemed far too young to participate. They settled at Dragon's Peak at the end of the Blight, but would move to Amaranthine when Allan was inducted into the Grey Wardens. When he was denied recruitment into the order at the age of eighteen, Aedan grew tired of waiting and set off on his own; he returned from his travels a skilled duelist, and survived his Joining ceremony in 9:40. He has proudly and loyally served the cause ever since.

Unlike his brother, Aedan is a bold man of unbridled passion, action and opinion -- he can be flat out blunt and insensitive, even belligerent, short-tempered and impatient at his worst. He likes to take risks and act impulsively where others might hesitate and miss an opportunity, but not without careful examination of the possible outcome. Aedan has a wry sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously; he is sociable and unfalteringly loyal to both his brother and the Wardens. However morally off-center he can be at times, he understands well the meaning of duty and the necessity of sacrifice and will always put them above personal gains.

PLAYED-BY: Jason Momoa

12:55 pm
NAME: Rudyerd Franklin
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 33; 9:12 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Human Warrior

BIOGRAPHY: Ruddy Franklin was born to a pair of soldiers from Denerim in 9:12, and had hopes of being the same when he grew up. He was a rambunctious boy, and his energy often got him into trouble, but his parents did their best to focus his energy into something productive. By the time he was 18, he had garnered a talent with blades and was much closer to his dream of being a soldier under Cailan than ever. Then the Blight rolled in. He lost both of his parents at Ostagar, forcing him to take up residence with his grandparents in the Bannorn. After the Blight, he left, first landing in Lothering, where he helped with the reconstruction effort. He did this for two years, moving from town to town before eventually deciding to make his way back to Denerim. On the road, he crossed paths with a group of traveling nobles, and happened to be in the wrong place at a very wrong time. There had been an increase of bandits on the road, preying on those trying to get their lives back together after hard times. The nobles and their knights didn't last long against the large group of bandits, and while Ruddy tried to defend them, he was the last left standing. Given little choice, he was forced to join the group, though he did his best to be as inactive as possible. Finally the rogues came upon the wrong travelers, and Ruddy found himself again the only survivor of a fight he didn't want to be in. Already impressed with his skill, the Warden-Commander recruited Ruddy after he explained his situation. Surviving his Joining, Ruddy spends most of his time at the Keep, challenging the combat skills of new recruits.

While he's not the sharpest of tacks, Ruddy is a patriotic Ferelden who very well understands the consequences of the Blight. As such, he has always been an ardent supporter of the Wardens and is more than honored to be counted among their numbers. More a follower than a leader, he willingly follows orders, but has enough self respect to keep himself from being a doormat. And while he is still rather boisterous for his age, he as matured a great deal since his Joining and his energy is channeled well as a Warden.

PLAYED-BY: Ryan Reynolds

12:54 pm
NAME: Grey Warden Oisin Jernigain
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 26; 9:19 Dragon

BIOGRAPHY: Oisin was born to a pair of elves in Rivain, a place where prejudice against the fairer race was much less than elsewhere in Thedas. He would have grown up plesantly had he not discovered his strange ability to survive boyish accidents like falling down hills and stairs. His skin would become hard as stone, or his wounds would heal with great speed. He told no one, his parents being followers of the Qun, and not knowing what counted as 'forbidden magic', he just wanted to practice in order to keep his abilities under control and out of sight. He was caught one day, though, as a spark of light, flashed between his hands. Nervous and panicked, he ran, which only made him look guilty. He now relied on his magic, never having practiced with weapons, and needing a way to survive on his own. He soon figured out how to shapeshift, making hunting easier, and enabling him to blend in to his surroundings. It was while wandering in the shape of a bear that he encountered a hunter, and future Grey Warden, Aedan Maivia. He almost got himself killed, running at him while still in the shape of a bear, but eventually returning to his usual form, he explained himself and prodded the older man for about himself. Hearing that he was returning to Ferelden, he begged to come along, having little left for him there in Rivain, and promising to at least be helpful if the Warden-Commander had no interest in recruiting him. He was reluctantly dragged back to Amaranthine where he was recruited to keep him from maintaining apostate status.

PLAYED-BY: Aziz Ansari

Gunnarr Dragonsinger [Nov 16th, 10
3:22 pm
NAME: Gunnarr Thorvaldsn / Gunnarr Dragonsinger
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 37 / 13 Cassus 9:07 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Human / Rogue
OCCUPATION: Master Skald of the Jarling of the Villages of Brandr

BIOGRAPHY: The younger child and only son of Thorvald Arngeirsn and Thjierry Njalsdottr, Gunnarr was born and raised in a remote jarling of the Anderfels, the Jarling of the Villages of Brandr. His family were, traditionally, keepers of snow falcons, one of the few winged creatures that could withstand the frigid air of the upper mountain passes. When Gunnarr was eleven, a skald passing through the village, one Herfjotur Ravenwing, heard him singing a skittish falcon from its mews and approached his family regarding an apprenticeship. Herfjotur took Gunnarr under her wing and taught him everything she knew - the sacred nature of the lays and the eddas, the stories and sagas of their people, history spanning a thousand generations, all the way back to Tevinter and beyond. He was twenty-two in early 9:31 Dragon, when he arrived in Ferelden on his journeyman-quest, seeking the prose for a tale that would graduate him to the honors of a full skald. What he stumbled into, all unawares, was the Fifth Blight and the Siege of Denerim. Gunnarr fought in the battle for Ferelden's survival, and later immortalized the tale of the Grey Warden battling the Archdemon at Fort Drakon, an exceptional work of prose that would become his master-piece. When he returned home to the Jarling of the Villages of Brandr, the jarl, Aelric Adricsn, was so moved by the tale that he anointed Gunnarr his master skald practically on the spot, honoring him with the title of Dragonsinger.

On Summerday in 9:34 Dragon, the jarl's young daughter, Hilda, was asked by her family to tell the story of her parents' courtship. For so young a child, Hilda's performance of the tale was word-perfect, her memory flawless, her delivery passionate and precise. Gunnarr immediately approached the jarl and his wife, the witch-aetheling Sigrdrifa, regarding taking Hilda as a skald-apprentice. Aelric objected, but Sigrdrifa cast the runes to foretell Hilda's wyrd, and it was found that the girl's path lay with Gunnarr and the life of a skald. Gunnarr then began to pass down what he had been taught as an apprentice to Hilda - although her education took a strange and unexpected turn in 9:37 Dragon, when her older brother Albrecht had a vision of Andraste that urged him to her faith. Gunnarr, being the only person in the jarling to have travelled the world, was practically forced to take Albrecht to Val Royeaux in Orlais, Hilda, of course, accompanying them. A Chantry Sister followed them on the return trip, to bring the Light of the Maker to their remote jarling; Sister Marinna did not last out the winter.

In Ferventis of 9:44 Dragon, Hilda received a letter informing the jarling that Albrecht has died in the line of duty; Gunnarr sees this for the omen it is and sends her south, on her journeyman-quest to find his fate and write it into the kenning of his life. Gunnarr accompanied Hilda as far south as Weisshaupt, seeing her off on her journey.


the honourable josette perrot [Sep 1st, 10
12:45 pm
NAME: Josette Perrot
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 25 | 9:20
RACE/CLASS: Human Noble
OCCUPATION: Getting what she wants.

BIOGRAPHY: An Orlesian noble, Josette has gotten just about everything she's ever wanted, thanks to her doting father, Baron Simon Perrot. Currently Josette and her father are in Ferelden, visiting friends of friends in Gwaren, experiencing the Ferelden experience and staking out land they might be interested in developing. Being entertained by Teryna Rois Bryland herself, Josette has found herself spending much of her time with Habren MacLeod, the Teyrna's spoiled, unwelcome daughter.

PLAYED-BY: Alison Sudol

lord piers ledaal [Jul 17th, 10
9:06 pm
NAME: Lord Piers Ledaal (né Osrander)
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 62; 8:82 Blessed
RACE/CLASS: Human Noble.
OCCUPATION: Philanthropist, civic meddler, grandpa.

BIOGRAPHY: The third son of an old merchant family, Piers Osrander grew to manhood during the tail end of the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden. His parents, long embittered and nearly ruined by Orlesian rule, aided in the resistance in the last days of the war. He lost his father and second-eldest brother in that conflict, but as his parents' youngest child was never permitted to join the Rebel Prince's service himself. A gentle soul, Piers did not object; his place was not on the battlefield, rather in the much more subtle worlds of commerce and politics, where a quick wit and tongue served better than a sword or bow.

After the war, with modest accolades for his family's service, Piers returned to business with his surviving brother and rapidly regained his family's lost fortunes. He embraced affairs of business over women and, with little interest in the fairer gender, expected never to marry. Thus it was that he surprised no one more than himself when, at the age of twenty-six, he met and fell madly in love with young Emmaline Ledaal, a woman nearly ten years his junior. Emmaline, the only child of a Bann, returned his affections with enthusiasm. Within a year they were married, and less than another later their eldest son was born. Emmaline became Bann herself when her father passed away shortly before the birth of her second son, providing a rather amused Piers with the honorary title "Lord."

Piers and Emmaline's marriage proceeded happily for many years until her death during the Blight, the pair playing the perfect counterparts to one another; him with his infinite patience and skill for managing the household and accounts, her with her bold ideas about civil equality and cheerfully pushy demeanor. Although Piers loves all of his sons deeply and has never faltered in his care for them, the loss of his wife wounded him, and he has never since been quite the same bright soul that he was during the time he spent with her. Likewise, the removal of his two youngest sons to the Circle Tower did nothing to salve his spirit. His health has been slowly failing for many years, making it difficult for him to travel far from Denerim, yet his spirit will never be entirely broken. His sons make him proud, and nothing brings him more joy than his young grandson, Declan, whom he spends a great deal of time with.

Living in the Ledaal's small estate in Denerim, Piers continues to fight for Emmaline's progressive ideals as best he can, promoting the liberties of elves, mages and the poor. Although in the political sphere he is regarded by many higher nobles with attitudes ranging from bemusement to scorn, in part because he is not himself noble and in part because of his constant habit of stirring up controversy, his word carries enough clout within the walls of Denerim that should he choose he can make himself a very inconvenient thorn in one's side.

PLAYED-BY: Michael Caine

bann alfstanna eremon [Mar 25th, 10
8:39 pm
NAME: Alfstanna Eremon
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 50; 8:95 Blessed
RACE/CLASS: Human Rogue
OCCUPATION: Bann of the Waking Sea

BIOGRAPHY: When the Landsmeet was called during the Blight of Dragon 9:30, Alfstanna Eremon knew where she stood. The Warden saved her brother from the dungeons of the Arl of Denerim's estate - that alone was enough to move the Bann to support that Warden's cause. When the time came, her vote was against Loghain, and she would have backed a vote against placing Anora on the throne had she been given the chance. When the time for fighting had finally arrived, Alfstanna led her archers to Denerim to aid in ending of the Blight. When news of the latest Blight reached the Waking Sea bannorn, Alfstanna took action straight away. She sent her sweetest, most diplomatic knights off to Denerim, and her most beguiling scouts throughout the rest of Ferelden to bring her the information she knew she wouldn't get from the queen. When the Warden-Commander came to recruit from the bannorn, she sent only her nephew, as she is in short supply of veteran knights and soldiers. She has only recently heard of Kae's death at the Joining ceremony.

PLAYED-BY: Julianne Moore

Lorna Bedeau, Circle Mage [Mar 21st, 10
6:49 pm
NAME: Lorna Bedeau
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 59; 8:86 Blessed
RACE/CLASS: Human Mage

BIOGRAPHY: Spirited an proud, Lorna Bedeau is both a dear friend and a constant source of consternation for Tobias Statler. During a training mission, a handful of Templar candidates were taken to the outskirts of Denerim where they encountered Lorna as a young Orlesian Apostate. Tensions were high, and some of the candidates were bitter from the Orlesian occupation. Some of the candidates took to abusing her, instead of killing her outright, and Tobias quickly put an end to it, challenging his superior's authority. He convinced Lorna to undergo training at Kinloch Hold, and the two began a friendship that continued for half a century (to the present).

During the Blight, she served with the other Mages at Ostagar, saving Tobias from what would have surely been a fatal blow. And once again helps him escape his imprisonment from Cultist Reavers. The pair head to Denerim where they, and the rest of Ferelden, make their final stand against the archdemon. She is nearly killed during the battle, the event serving as a catalyst for Tobias to realize how deeply he feels for her. He abruptly breaks off their friendship, unwilling to compromise his duty. They tentatively reform their relationship two years later.

At game start, Lorna is missing, and Tobias is waiting for contact from her, and the arrival of his old friend Roderick.

PLAYED-BY: Helen Mirren

Alerrin Abelan, quartermaster [Mar 14th, 10
1:27 pm
NAME: Alerrin Abelan
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 8:98 Blessed/ Age 47
RACE/CLASS: Alienage Elf/Rogue
SPECIALIZATION: Duel Weaponry/No Specialization
OCCUPATION:First Mate/Quartermaster aboard The Northern Star

BIOGRAPHY: Alerrin was a typical alienage elf; arranged marriage that blossomed into love, and blessed with a single daughter. He fell in with a poorly-run thieves' guild in order to make ends meet, though he was never a particularly good thief. As time passed, they tried to groom him into an assassin, though he never really had the stomach for it. One night, after killing a human girl, Alerrin sought to drown his sorrows at a seedy tavern on the docks. Thinking he was being followed, he inadvertently killed his own wife. He attempted to kill himself, though he was interrupted by a drunk Viara Tremaine, who was outrunning some men whos pockets she'd lightened. Alerrin, on impulse, took four knife wounds to the back for the Captain, who nursed him back to health and decided to save him from himself. He has been aboard the Star ever since.

Alerrin is exceptionally stoic and calm, and known for never having much of a facial expression beyond neutral. He is faultlessly loyal to Vi, and also possibly the most proper pirate to ever exist, though he can be a cold fighter when the situation calls for it. At times he can appear long-suffering, and in general he doesn't have much patience for idiocy or pride. In turn, Viara cares very deeply for her quartermaster and the two share a close bond.

His daughter has been missing since the night he killed his wife; he has attempted to search for her from time to time in Denerim, but has found no leads.

PLAYED-BY: DeForest Kelley

Master Chef and Great Warrior Bhobigo Ferrik [Mar 14th, 10
10:18 am
NAME: Bhobigo Ferrik ("Bob")
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 9:04 Dragon; Age 41
RACE/CLASS: Dwarf Warrior
OCCUPATION: Master Chef aboard The Northern Star

BIOGRAPHY: Bob has had a long and flavorful life- he began as warrior caste in Orzammar and was fairly successful in the Provings; however he always had a taste for alcohol and one night ah--relieved himself against the statue of a Paragon. When he was called out on his indecent behavior, he started a brawl with the city guards. He was summarily dismissed to the surface in 9:32 Dragon. He worked a series of odd jobs until he finally found his calling as a Chef; Captain Viara Tremaine found him in 9:41 Dragon as he was escaping from a mysteriously burning tavern. She saved him from his pursuers (who claimed he started the fire) and in return he offered to be her Chef. He has been aboard the Star ever since. Bob is loud, lascivious, rude, and fairly egocentric. He is a very great chef and a loyal friend, but he is prone to fits of temper and cleaver-throwing. He does, however, have"soft spot" for the ladies, and is a fan of long legs.


Revered Mother Agatha Barringer [Mar 11th, 10
4:35 pm
NAME: Revered Mother Agatha Barringer
OCCUPATION: Revered Mother of Redcliffe Chantry

BIOGRAPHY: Agatha was a lay sister for many years under the guidance of Mother Hannah, who died shortly after the Blight in 9:30. With the death of so many in the village, including members of the Chantry, she was the one who took up the mantle of Revered Mother for the village once Mother Hannah passed. Unlike Hannah, Agatha is an extremely hard woman, who believes in the Chant above all else, and does not tolerate those who believe differently. She is overzealous, and even though some of those beneath her may see this, nothing is said. She is very strict with all the sisters and brothers who live and train in the Chantry, and prefers to be in direct control of the Templars stationed there, even though they will get separate orders from higher up now and again.

Agatha has been known to take matters into her own hands at times, sending her Templars off on special missions without obtaining permission from higher up. If the Chantry is aware of this, they look the other way. Agatha has no tolerance for non-believers, and believes that all heretics should be wiped off the face of Thedas. To her, a dead heathen is the best sort.

PLAYED-BY:Olivia Williams

Enchanter Benjamin Raines [Mar 11th, 10
4:21 pm

NAME: Benjamin Raines
AGE/BIRTHDATE: Somewhere in his sixties, unknown
RACE/CLASS: Human Mage

BIOGRAPHY: Benjamin Raines was one of Kinloch Hold's many enchanters, gifted with a kind and benevolent disposition highly regarded by the apprentices he mentored over the years. It served him well to have the reputation as the veneer of gentility easily masked the plethora of increasingly difficult decisions he had to make during his time as a Circle Mage. In 9:30 Dragon, he was sent along with the venerable Senior Enchanter Wynne and a group of mages to Ostagar to aid King Cailan's forces against the Darkspawn Horde. He never returned to the Tower after the disastrous mission, and for fifteen years, he was presumed dead.

PLAYED-BY: Sir Alec Guinness

Appearances in the Story )

Black Matthew [Mar 10th, 10
8:18 pm
NAME: Black Matthew
AGE/BIRTHDATE: "Too old for this job" // Satinalia
RACE/CLASS: Human Rogue
OCCUPATION: Former steward for Arlessa Valeré Kordura; information broker and blade for hire

BIOGRAPHY: A fatherless bastard with a drunkard for a mother, life for the man who would become infamous in Denerim for his skills started hard and stayed that way. At nine he fell in with a gang of street-kids, learning to steal and fend for himself to survive; by fifteen he ran the gang, and it became one of the most prosperous in all of Denerim, dabbling in everything under the sun, but specializing in thievery, the black market and the sale of information, with the occasional assassination under his belt to make his name as a true force to be reckoned with. At some point in Matt's early twenties, he met the Arlessa of Denerim, Valeré Kordura. What passed between the two of them is unknown, but within a year he had handed over control of the gang to his second and was working for the Arlessa in the first legitimate job of Matthew's life, as her steward and tutor to her young daughter, Lelahai. (Word on the street is that the reason he so abruptly left his life of crime is because Lelahai is not Arl Urien's daughter, but Matthew's; the man himself refuses to comment on such trashy gossip.) When Valeré adopted stable-child Azabeth, a fatherless bastard like Matthew himself, Matthew felt an instant kinship, and eventually grew to adore both of the young girls like his own daughters. To Lelahai, Matt taught decorum, history and the arts of manipulation, all things that would serve her well in her role as heir to the arling - but to Azabeth, Matthew passed on his skills as a thief and killer.

During the Siege of Denerim, when the Kordura women were evacuated to the countryside, Black Matthew remained in Denerim against Valeré's wishes, acting as her agent and helping to organize the city's defenses, ensuring with his two own hands that when the Arlessa returned she would still have an arling to rule. Matthew survived the battle with a few scars to show for it, though few beyond those who were present at Fort Drakon that day know of his small role in history. In Funalis of 9:43, he left the Arlessa's service for undisclosed reasons, though there are rumours of an affair whispered in the estate. He has since been glimpsed about his old haunts in Denerim, keeping an ear to the ground and a weather eye to events in the city, and still takes the odd job from those who remember him and his skills.

PLAYED-BY: James McAvoy

Shiv [Mar 5th, 10
8:42 pm
NAME: Shiv (Real Name: Thomas… but don’t call him that, he hates it)
OCCUPATION: In the Wicked Knife Gang… but does odd jobs when they arise.

BIOGRAPHY: Shiv could be considered Dolain’s best friend. They are like brothers (bros for life) and have been that way since they met at the tender ages of 14 (Dolain) and 12 (Shiv). Shiv was orphaned by the blight. He continued to live in the alienage but would often sneak out to run around with the gang. Shiv, being fairly inexperienced with the streets, idolized Dolain. Dolain, in turn, was pleased to have an admirer and included Shiv in most of his antics. The two grew up together for their later teens, their dynamics unchanging. Shiv was the first one to back up Dolain in becoming the new gang leader and is the strongest voice in defending him when others are upset with decisions. He thinks Dolain is brilliant and is very upset with the new changes taking place amongst the gang.

The reason why Shiv is not labeled as Dolain’s second or third in command is that he is attempting to integrate into normal life (aka not gang life). While he loves the gang and still looks up to Dolain, Shiv also has a lovely elven wife to care for. He has been married for four years since the alienage Elders arranged a marriage for him. At first, he disliked the idea but after a year or so grew to love his wife. They now have a one-year old child and Shiv is trying very hard to keep a steady income to care for the new family.

PLAYED-BY: Andrew Smith

Wardens NPC: Moloch [Feb 25th, 10
1:16 am
NAME: Moloch
ALSO KNOWN AS: Scaryface
RACE/CLASS: Mage...?

BIOGRAPHY: To hear of the name is to be a part of an elite underground of Maleficarum said to operate in the shadows of Thedas, dedicated to retrieving the lost knowledge of the Tevinter Magisters at the era of the First Blight. It is hard to determine just where Moloch came from, or if it is even his real name. Past templar investigations have traced the moniker's origins twenty-four years ago, but not any further.

But the greatest trick anyone with the soul of a devil can ever pull in a world is to make it believe he doesn't exist. It is a philosophy that this man clearly takes to heart, coming and going in seemingly random intervals and causing what appears to be random chaos wherever he goes...

Or is it random?

As shrouded as his roots appear to be, the current band of heroes will know eventually that they lie closer than they all think...

PLAYED BY: Unknown...for now

Appearances in the Story )

Reara Laharen, bosun of The Northern Star [Feb 20th, 10
8:20 pm
NAME: Reara Laharen
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 26, 1 Eluviesta
RACE/CLASS: Alienage Elf/Rogue
SPECIALIZATION: Duel Weaponry / No specialization
OCCUPATION: Pirate boatswain (3rd in command on The Northern Star)

BIOGRAPHY: Reara grew up in the Alienage - she was pretty and fair, very delicate but rough-and-tumble as she got older. When she was a teenager, she wandered out of the alienage on a dare to cut the purse of a noble - she was caught, and summarily beaten and raped, left near the docks to die. She was discovered by a young Viara Tremaine when she was still a member of Isabela's crew. Vi smuggled her aboard The Siren's Call in an attempt to help her escape Denerim. She was discovered by Isabela, and got Vi and Reara both kicked off of the boat. She has been with Vi ever since, and is the closest thing that Vi has to a best friend in the world. She has an almost unnatural agility and grace, and is in charge of all the rigging on-board the boat. Reara is generally snarky, but also extremely (annoyingly) perceptive and protective of her Captain, owing the woman her life. Reara tells things as she sees them, and doesn't pull punches. She has a good heart, and enjoys smoking pipes and playing cards.

PLAYED-BY: Susan May Pratt

Keeper Lanaya Asilla [Feb 19th, 10
3:40 pm
NAME: Lanaya Asilla
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 39; 9:06 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Dalish Elf Mage
OCCUPATION: Keeper of a Dalish clan

BIOGRAPHY: Lanaya was born outside of the forest to to elves who working for a merchant. Her early years were spent traveling with the caravan, constantly running underfoot. When she was young the caravan was attacked by a group of bandits. Her parents were murdered along with everyone else, Lanaya was the only survivor. She was held captive by the bandits, forced to serve them, until a clan of Dalish elves killed them. The Keeper of the clan, Zathrian, took pity on the young girl and took her into his clan.

Soon after joining the clan it was discovered that Lanaya was blessed with magic. Zathrian took her under his wing and started to teach her. It was difficult for Lanaya, most of the clan did not approve of an outsider being the First. Still Lanaya thrived under Zathrian's tutelage, soaking up Dalish lore and any spells he offered and became a powerful mage in her own right.

When Zathrian died in the conflict with the werewolves Lanaya became the Keeper of the clan. Not as experienced as Zathrian she had some difficulties at first. However, soon she was leading her clan with a sure and steady hand. She has been an instrumental figure in the conflicts between the humans and the Dalish clans, often being the voice of reason.

PLAYED-BY: Cate Blanchett

Appearances in the Story )

keeper merrill irisor [Feb 18th, 10
10:31 pm
NAME: Merrill Irisor
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 37; 9:08 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Dalish Elf Mage
OCCUPATION: Keeper of a Dalish clan

BIOGRAPHY: Discovered her potential magic from an early age, Merrill had been selected as the Dalish Apprentice a few years later than normal when two younglings displayed magic. Proving to be the more powerful of the two, she was said to be the Keeper's Apprentice who, eventually, would become Keeper when the current Keeper passed. Training in different spell lines and as a Spirit Healer, she became a great asset to the Dalish clan and proved to be a good leader when she assumed her title as Keeper. Soft-spoken, but kind and heartfelt, she doesn't discriminate against humans as many other elves do and receives most visitors (or escaped alienage elves) with open arms.

PLAYED-BY: Jennifer Connelly.

Wardens NPC: Ser Jonathan Vardic [Jan 19th, 10
2:29 pm

NAME: Ser Jonathan Vardic
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 44; 9:01 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Human Templar
OCCUPATION: Ranking officer of the Order of the Templar Brotherhood in Ferelden

BIOGRAPHY: Mentored at an early age by Ser Maddock, Jonathan is one of the last remaining templars who remember how the Order was before the massacre at Kinloch Hold in 9:30 Dragon took the lives of most of its veterans. A hard man with very little patience for fools, he has led an illustrious career in the Brotherhood and is still said to be one of their very best mage hunters. His constant vigilance, icy demeanor, and zealous devotion to the Chantry of Andraste give him a ferocious reputation in the Circle. Some even say that his hatred for mages could only be surpassed by the Knight-Commander Cullen, himself. Like his superiors, he is stalwartly dedicated to rebuilding the Order, and is adamantly supportive of the practice of "pruning the vine" of those unfit to serve.

A few years ago, a mage-hunting expedition took the life of his beloved younger brother and fellow templar, Augustine, and he has not forgiven his partner in that assignment, Aurin Demarc, ever since. The junior templar's reputation certainly didn't help his anger, as Jonathan considers most of the newest generation of templars to be weak and unworthy of the honor. He is a harsh taskmaster, and very few of the new initiates find favor.

It is rumored that his loathing for Aurin has grown steadily in the last three years. Perhaps it's not so much of a coincidence that he keeps being sent on increasingly dangerous missions....

PLAYED-BY: Mark Strong

Appearances in the Story )

Mercenary Commander Henrik [Jan 19th, 10
1:37 am
NAME: Henrik Niel
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 54; 8:91 Blessed | 7 Pluitanis
RACE/CLASS: Human Warrior

BIOGRAPHY: Born and raised on the streets of Denerim, Henrik grew up fighting for his place. Constantly struggling to prove himself he eventually caught the attention of an older dwarven mercenary. His new mentor taught him everything he knew about fighting with two-handed weapons. Henrik was taught not only to fight but to master his anger, to harness its force and use it against his enemies. He became a Berserker. He was one of many mercenaries working for Arl Howe and when the Warden defeated the Archdemon he fled Denerim and his new enemies. Eventually he started his own small band of mercenaries, made up of strays that he took in. One of those he recruited was Seda after witnessing her brutally murder a man in Highever.

Though he is laid back Henrik is a fearsome sight when he is angry. Luckily he has mastered his rage and is known for his patience. While he has a good sense of humor and is actually quite kind he is somewhat prone to putting his foot in his mouth which has led him to become somewhat antisocial amongst strangers. Around his family that awkwardness vanishes. Still he lets the more socially adept Kosta handle clients. Currently Henrik is searching Ferelden for Seda who disappeared into the Wilds after Kosta died.

PLAYED-BY: Vladimir Kulich

Appearances in the Story )

7:47 pm
NAME: Arlessa Lelahai Kordura
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 24, 2 Verimensis 9:21 Dragon
OCCUPATION: Arlessa of Denerim

BIOGRAPHY: Valeré Kordura's older (and only biological) daughter, Lelahai was raised to rank and privilege, highly educated and more than a little spoiled by her mother. She possesses a will of iron and a formidable tactical mind, however; even before her ascention to the arldom, she had considerable backing and allies among the nobles of the Bannorn, negotiating the treacherous waters of Fereldan politics with a delicacy enviable by any Orlesian courtier. She has only recently inherited her mother's position, and is expected to be a disciplined and powerful ruler.

She is known to be very close friends with the eldest daughter of the Bryland family, and currently offers a substantial reward for the capture or death of her adopted sister, the murderess Azabeth Kordura.

PLAYED-BY: Portia de Rossi

6:57 pm
NAME: Senior Enchanter Eneas Orestes
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 63/8:82 Blessed
RACE/CLASS: Human/Mage
OCCUPATION: Senior Enchanter

BIOGRAPHY: Senior Enchanter Orestes has been a senior enchanter for twenty-three years. Like any other mage, he was raised in the tower since a young age. He is a strong Loyalist party member of the Circle Tower. One either loves Orestes or hates Orestes. He is arrogant, fairly sadistic and harsh towards other mages. At the same time this can be seen as confident, truthful and willing to do dirty work to get things done. None of the negative aspect of personality traits are shown to the templars, however, as he is polite and cordial to them. He is very committed to keeping the Chantry’s ties to the tower as strong as possible.

PLAYED-BY:Terrence Mann

5:00 pm
NAME: Ser Moirenn Stroud
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 36; 9:09 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Human Warrior
OCCUPATION: Knight of Gwaren

BIOGRAPHY: Daughter of Nevarran expatriates, Moirenn was born in South Reach where her parents worked in the arl's house as domestic workers. She grew into an audaciously physical girl, and so, at the age of 12, she was squired in hopes of keeping her out of trouble. Her energy was focused into her training, and she would soon discover and increase a talent for the healing arts. In 9:30, Moirenn found herself marching against a Blight and surviving it. She traveled to Gwaren with the Teryna, and was knighted soon after. Subsequently she married Ser Taran Stroud, another of the Taryna's knight's from South Reach, who had been injured too severely during the last battle of the Blight to continue his martial service. When encourage to start a family by the Teyrna - who very much desired an increase in 'South Reach influence' in Gwaren - she bore to Taran one son (Konrid, 14) and one daughter (Neav, 13) before finally returning to the service of her lady. She was sent along with the teryna's son, and other knights of Gwaren to guide the Grey Wardens to the Frostbacks and back to the Keep. Returned to Gwaren, she has been busy investigating the late arrival of the young Lord Rowe, as well as the increased frequency of the Dalish attacks on the city.

PLAYED-BY: Angie Harmon

SER ZEKRY BAIRNS [Jan 18th, 10
4:59 pm
NAME: Ser Zekry Bairns
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 45; 9:00 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Human Warrior
OCCUPATION: Knight of Gwaren

BIOGRAPHY: Born in Gwaren shortly after Ferelden was freed of Orlesian tyranny, Zekry Bairns was the second knight in his family to serve the new Teyrn of his home town. Fiercely loyal to Loghain Mac Tir, he was among the knights of Gwaren that marched to Ostagar to face the first wave of Darkspawn from the south - he survived with the rest who abandoned King Cailan's army. When the Warden and his party had been declared as traitors of Ferelden, Ser Zekry was one of Loghain's many knights that had been sent out in search of the group, but his search would end uncompleted with the Battle at Denerim. With Loghain deemed a traitor and a new Teyrna named, Ser Zekry found himself back in Gwaren, but to him, it felt like unfamiliar territory. There were too many new faces, and very few of them were Mac Tir's men. Rois Bryland, the newly seated Teyrna, weeded out those deemed too loyal to remain in her service, and demoted those who were leftover. Zekry was sent along with the Teyrna's son and the Grey Warden recruits, and he made it very clear that he was not happy about being there. Despite having no love for the Grey Wardens, he is willing to make sure whatever needs to be done will be done to stop the on coming Blight. Currently, he is back in Gwaren investigating an increase in Dalish attacks on the city.

PLAYED-BY: Adam Baldwin

FELIP NILAS, antivan vintner [Jan 18th, 10
4:55 pm
NAME: Felip Nilas
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 48; 8:97 Blessed
RACE/CLASS: Human Rogue
OCCUPATION: Head of the Nilas vineyards & wineries.

BIOGRAPHY: Born in Antiva city, from his youth Felip Istevan Nilas wanted nothing more than to see the world. His father, a sensible, hard working man, wasn't having his son gallivanting around Thedas when he had his family's business to inherit. However, his father's wishes meant very little to him, getting himself into juvenile troubles, becoming a father and a husband at an age his own father didn't approve of. But with children in his lap, Felip seemed to settle, until he found his wife dead in the family library. A week later, Felip had filled a large cart with the pick of his father's goods and traveled south to the Free Marches, then west to Nevarra, not once looking back. He was twenty-one when he crossed the Frostback Mountains for the first time, and a week after doing so, he arrived in the territory of the Waking Sea Bannorn. Here he did short business with a young scout, Robin Perikins, but prolonged his stay in the area for a week out of the basic human need of companionship, however fleeting it was.

Going about his business, Felip made it well around Ferelden, but a few months after having left the area of the Waking Sea, he was faced with Robin once more, and forced into a roll he had no intention of playing again. However, when Israa was born he couldn't have been more excited to be a new father, or happier to be in Ferelden. While Robin's mother had little love for the man who had skewed her daughter's career, she allowed him to stay on her land to help raise their mistake. When the Blight came in 9:30 Dragon, Felip disappeared without word while Robin was called away to war. It is thought that the Antivan man returned home to escape the Blight.

PLAYED-BY: Jason Isaacs

4:54 pm
NAME: Liam Rowe
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 32; 9:13 Dragon
RACE/CLASS: Human Warrior

BIOGRAPHY:  Born in 9:13 Dragon, Liam was the first child of Bann Bice Rowe - eldest brother of Rois Bryland - and his wife, Eifa.  He was followed closely by younger sisters Eimear and Boadeca.  During the Blight in 9:30, he and his sisters traveled with their mother, aunts and cousins to Denerim.  Being the eldest child of the combined extended family, Liam and his youngest aunt Rhian were left with the children, while the rest of the adults risked their lives to end the Blight.  Sadly, he would lose his mother that day, but he was proud to be able to say she died saving Ferelden.  When Rois was elevated to Teyrna of Gwaren, Bice became the Arl of South Reach, and immediately began grooming his son - who was already a young man - to be the future Arl.  With the current Blight on the rise, and while no one was recruited from South Reach, the family is proud to hear that Coan and Brannan have been chosen to bring greater honor to their family as Grey Wardens.  When the letter arrived to announce that Coan had left with the Warden-Commander, a separate one arrived for Liam requesting that he travel to Gwaren.  While times are tense, Liam hasn't seen his aunt - who he regards as a second mother - in quite some time, and has been urged by his father to go.  He is now just on his way to Gwaren from South Reach, but his journey seems to be taking longer than normal.

PLAYED-BY: Matt Bomer

9:19 pm
NAME: Brother Ferdinand Genitivi
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 62; 8:83 Blessed
OCCUPATION: Scholar, Cleric for the Chantry of Andraste

BIOGRAPHY: Said to be of Antivan heritage, Brother Genitivi is one of the Chantry's most well-known scholars, primarily on the basis of the stories he has published (which many of his contemporaries dismiss as fanciful) of his travels across the length and breadth of Thedas. His travels, and rather too-curious nature, led him to a study of folklore, which gave him the notion that he could track down that most-debated of all artifacts: the Urn of Sacred Ashes. In 9:30, he announced that he had found what appeared to be the trail of the Urn, left in the legends of the regions through which it had passed from Minrathous on its way into hiding.

For one tied so closely to the Chantry, he doesn't appear to be afraid of publishing more controversial works, among them being a book that detailed the mass graves found in the bloodsoaked plains of Nocen Fields and Marnas Pell... the existence of which the Chantry denies. While asked several times to join Queen Anora's panel of experts researching the Blight and Darkspawn, he has denied to formally join it given his preference to pursue his own projects though he has been called upon as a consultant on occasion. With his adventuring years growing steadily behind him, he has taken it upon himself to mentor other young academics. He spends most of his time in Denerim.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, The Studious Theologian (published 9:25), Tales of the Destruction of Thedas, The Stone Halls of the Dwarves, Thedas: Myths and Legends, The History of the Grey Wardens in Ferelden

PLAYED-BY: Miguel Ferrer

7:39 pm
NAME: Grand Cleric Elemena
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 67; 8:78 Blessed
RACE/CLASS: Human Warrior
OCCUPATION: The Grand Cleric of Ferelden

BIOGRAPHY: The Grand Cleric of Ferelden is, by reputation, a formidable woman. She reflects every signature facet of her culture -- an avid lover of dogs and a devoted servant of the Chantry of Andraste. Religious study and loyalty are drilled in the marrow of her bones. Much like her battle-hardened forebears, she doesn't have much in the way of soft, matronly curves. Everything about her appears unyielding, built out of hard lines and angles. She is tall, and some say if she had been born a man, she would have undoubtedly risen through the ranks of the Templars. It is often said that her militaristic bearing could put any seasoned Chevalier Commander to shame.

She is no stranger to Chantry politics, which can be as cutthroat as any royal court in Thedas. She has held her position for close to 20 years. A stern demeanor, a pragmatic mind, and her religious zeal can make her either an extremely valuable ally...or a very dangerous enemy.

PLAYED-BY: Meryl Streep

SISTER JUSTINE [Jan 17th, 10
7:36 pm
NAME: Sister Justine
AGE/BIRTHDATE: 42; 9:03 Dragon
OCCUPATION: Cleric, Curator and Chief Archivist of the Denerim Chantry

BIOGRAPHY: Sister Justine is an NPC in Dragon Age: Origins the game, where she is part of the Forgotten Verses quest. The Warden gave her authentic manuscripts that detailed the last days of Maferath, the husband of Andraste. She is noted to be extremely friendly and cheerful, and can be rather chatty though this has mellowed in her middle-aged years. She is also an expert in Andrastian ciphers, notably the ones dating back to the days when the Tevinter Imperium held dominion over Thedas.

(OOC Note: I don't know if she counts as important but considering she's a canon NPC in the game I thought I'd include her just in case.)

PLAYED-BY: Ashley Judd

Appearances in the Story )

Paeral Tharelle [Oct 16th, 09
12:06 am
NAME: Paeral Tharelle
OCCUPATION: Unemployed

BIOGRAPHY: Paeral is Lillian Tharelle's grandfather and an elf living in Denerim's Alienage. He has lived there his entire life, eking out a living by doing various labor intensive jobs wherever there was demand. He also has some skills with a knife to protect himself, but is certainly no warrior. After his wife Tillie's death he sent his teenage daughter to work in the market for a weaver. However, he was greatly disappointed in her when she became pregnant with the human's child and their relationship grew strained. It remained that way until her death. His guilt is displaced on his grandaughter, whom he blames for the mere fact of her birth. He did his duty by raising her as far as he is concerned but has never maintained any sort of personal contact with her. He does use the money she sends him to survive however.

Paeral survived the siege on Denerim and still lives in the same upstairs shack in the alienage where he has always lived. He is somewhat of a fixture there. It is likely that he knows most of the families and elves who live or lived in the alienage during that time, or that they know of him. And he definitely knows a lot. Grumpy, silent, but he's always watching.

PLAYED-BY: Corbin Bernsen

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